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Crest Tips on prepping for Summer

Monday, July 1, 2019

Yard Care

The dormant season is behind us and everything has started growing again and FAST, so now's the time to get outdoors and make your yard a priority!
Trim your trees
Keep those beautiful trees that line along the sidewalks trimmed to allow safe passage of pedestrians. A good rule of thumb is to clear space under the tree that is 12 feet above the street surface and 8 feet above the sidewalk surface.
Lawn Care
You will want to begin mowing and manicuring your lawn on a regular basis.  We’ve found that doing this every other week is a good approach to keeping up with the growth.  Make sure to include watering and fertilizer in your routine to keep your lawn looking its best in the Houston heat!
Did you know Mulch helps retain moisture in the soil, suppresses weeds, and keeps soil cool?  Especially in Southeastern Texas, it’s important to have fresh mulch to keep your garden and trees healthy and attractive.
If you find that your once beautiful landscaping around your home has become tired-looking, overgrown, is showing its age, or dead, you will want to look into your options of replacing it.  By replacing the landscaping, your home will look younger and fresher.

Exterior Cleaning

Is the exterior of your home ready for a good cleaning? Not sure what that green stuff is on the side of your house?  Mildew is a type of mold that grows easily in damp, shady areas and in Houston we have plenty of that. Power wash your house and driveway to rid of mildew buildup that grew over the winter.  To prevent future buildups, try trimming any trees or shrubs that could be blocking sunlight and clean your driveway and the side of your house periodically to kill mildew and keep it from coming back.
Recreational Equipment
We know that it’s that time of year when kids start playing sports in the streets, you take vacations to the lake, go camping, and have BBQs.  We want you to enjoy your summer to the fullest so while you’re planning and playing remember these tips:
As a friendly reminder, RV/Campers and boats are not allowed to be visible in the communities.  However, we understand you'll have summer vacation plans to go to the lake or camping, so to avoid any violations, let us know ahead of time when you'll be keeping them on the street.
If you see a neighbor leave an RV/Camper or boat on the street, keep in mind it might just be for the weekend so have some understanding before reporting.
BBQ Pits 
Summer is the perfect time to do some BBQing but keep in mind BBQ pits need to be put away and out of public view by the next morning.
Play Equipment in the Street
If you have basketball hoops out in the street or ‘children at play’ signs, remember to put them away when not in use.

Exterior Modifications

Now's also a great time to think ahead on your summer projects and apply for modifications, changes, or additions to the exterior of the home!  Planning on painting your house or re-staining your fence?  Send us your exterior modification requests so you can get your exterior looking its very best!  Wanting to add some play equipment or trampolines?  Send us your applications so you and your children can enjoy as soon as possible!

If you have questions about your community’s specific deed restrictions, visit your community page!
Crest Management, partnering with you to have the best summer!

Crest Tips on prepping for Summer

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