Hurricane Harvey Message from Crest Management


To the Residents and Boards of our Crest Communities:



Hurricane Harvey was an epic catastrophe that affected each and every one of us in some manner; some more than others.


Please know that the staff at Crest is monitoring the situation and working to try to help you bring some order back to your lives.


Crest will not perform deed inspections in our communities for a couple of weeks.  However, we will be inspecting the communities as soon as we can access them.  Starting September 5th we will take photos, file insurance claims and meet contractors for repairs.


The trash contractors have all stated they will assume trash service as soon as possible.  The landscapers will resume mowing as soon as possible.


The pool companies are checking all of the community pools to determine what repairs are needed and will report back to Crest.


Patience will be essential during the recovery process and resources will be stretched but know that we are here working for you while we recover and will help in any way possible.


May God bless you, your families, Houston and Texas as we move forward.

Carolyn Signature.jpg
Carolyn Bonds, PCAM


Bill Signature.jpg
Bill Higgins, AMS, CMCA

Vice President