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Monday, July 1, 2019

If you’re reading this, then you are visiting our new website, Welcome! It really is much more than just a “website”. is the entry point for board members to gain access to an incredible amount of information about their association, for homeowners to view their account and gain access to a variety of services and answers to many questions, and for real estate professionals to request Resale Certificates and Title Quotes.

Since its inception, Crest has been a company whose focus was on customer service. And since inception, Crest has used technology as an enabler for superior customer service.

In the early 90’s, there was no commercially available software that was available to quickly and accurately edit and print the volume of letters that needed to be created daily and keep track of violation history for each home. So, we at Crest decided to create our own!

We hired a software developer and gave him a list of requirements and the software that we call “Crest” was born! The first program ran on Windows 95, was written in Visual Basic and used a Microsoft Access database. Our software was updated with new functionality added as our needs changed and as employees and clients suggested new features.

In 2012 we realized that we needed to make a major move forward. The world was moving to the web and our customers asked us to do the same. Our first step was to evaluate the available commercial software, but again nothing was available that matched our needs. We then developed a Request for Proposal and sent it out to 6 software application development firms. After much consideration, the result has been a 7-year partnership with a local digital consulting service company, Sparkhound ( With them we continued improving a set of fully integrated applications that drive our internal systems and allow board members and homeowners to access a remarkable amount of information and services online.

This newest version we’re excited to debut is fully “in the cloud” with applications running in Microsoft Azure and the database housed in our Office 365 SharePoint Online tenant. This new infrastructure will allow Crest to continually innovate new features and services that benefit the Associations we manage.

As in the beginning, our focus is on using the most advanced technology to provide superior customer service to our Associations and Homeowners and we feel we have achieved that with great success!

Welcome to!

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